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May 28,2014.
APHC Chairman, Mirwaiz Dr. Molvi Mohammad Umar Farooq today chaired a joint meeting of Hurriyat’s Executive Council, General Council and Working Committee members at Hurriyat Headquarters.
The heads and the representatives of all the constituents of conglomerate participated in the meeting and discussed the ongoing political situation besides taking stock of organizational matters.
While welcoming the recent meeting of Indo-Pak Prime Ministers during which both the sides expressed their desire to take meaningful steps to start the bilateral dialogue, the participants stated that Hurriyat has always supported better relations between India and Pakistan and that even though cordial relations between these two countries were essential for the political stability and economic prosperity of the South Asian region, however, it was pointed out that without a just resolution of Kashmir cordiality in the Indo-Pak relationship cannot last long. It was further stated that putting Kashmir issue on back burner or adopting the tactics of delay can prove detrimental to the whole concept of normalization of relations and the desire of forward movement in economic ties.
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May 25,2014.

Reiterating his call to resolve the Kashmir Issue once and for all, Hurriyat Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today called upon the leadership of India and Pakistan to boldly move forward towards the start of a full-fledged peace process.
Noting that both Prime Minister Sharif and Prime Minister-designate Modi have been given strong democratic mandates by the people of Pakistan and India respectively, Mirwaiz expressed his ardent wish that the two leaders would urgently work towards a just and lasting solution to the Kashmir Issue so that peace, prosperity and stability can become a reality in South Asia.
Mirwaiz welcomed any immediate steps – symbolic or otherwise – that might improve the relationship and buildconfidence between India and Pakistan. At the same time, he emphasized that the Kashmir Issue must not beignored or brushed aside. Precious time should not bewasted before moving forward towards a search for solutions.
He stated: “There must be a serious and result-oriented process of dialogue. For this to happen, India and Pakistan must engage the people of Jammu & Kashmir as an active and true partner in the search for peace. For any lasting solution, Kashmiris must be involved.”

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 May 22,2014.
 An impressive seminar titled “Kashmir issue and responsibility of leadership” was today organized by Hurriyat Conference at Kralpora Kupwara to pay homage to Shaheed-e-Millat Mirwaiz Molvi Muhammad Farooq, Shaheed-e-Hurriyat Khwaja Abdul Gani Lone and entire martyrs of Kashmir.
The seminar was chaired by senior Hurriyat leader Prof Abdul Gani Bhat during which APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq addressed the gathering by telephone.
A number of leaders addressed the seminar including Bilal Gani Lone, Engineer Hilal Ahmad War, Hakim Abdul Rashid, Syed Bashir Andrabi, Shahid Saleem, GN War, Mir Ghulam Hassan, and DR Sharma. The senior leaders who participated in the seminar include, Musadiq Adil, GN Zaki, advocate Abdul Majid Banday, Khaleel Mohamamd Khaleel, Chowdhary Shaheen, Abdul Rashid Untoo, GN Najar, and Master Mohammad Afzal.
Paying glowing tributes to Shaheed-e-Millat, Shaheed-e-Hurriyat, and entire martyrs of Kashmir, Mirwaiz stated that it was the responsibility of leaders to take forward the mission of martyrs to its logical conclusion. He stated that APHC was engaged in a peaceful struggle for freedom, adding, all nefarious designs to inflict harm on aspirations and emotions of Kashmiris would be resisted by tooth and nail. He stated that permanent peace in south Asia was not possible till Kashmir issue is not resolved, adding, kashmiri struggle was not against an individual or a state, but for the right to self determination.
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May 23,2014.

 Demanding an immediate ban on the use of pellet guns in Kashmir, APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Friday stated that the position of the state authorities that pellet guns are a non lethal weapon is a blatant lie. He said that till date around hundred persons have lost their eyes while scores have become handicapped.
Addressing a gathering at historic Jamia masjid, Mirwaiz stated it is highly unfortunate and condmnable that the police and paramilitary forces are deliberately firing pellets into the eyes of people to inflict maximum damage. Even as the hurriyat is involved in a legal process to push for the ban on pellet guns, Mirwaiz appealed to the international human rights organizations to come forward on this issue and play their part in this regard.
Mirwaiz said it is regrettable that the only standard response to people’s aspirations and sentiments is repression, force and curbs by the goverment. Time and again, through the exhibition of power, the state betrays the fundamental principles of democracy, which it claims to represent and uphold.
The Govt. needs to understand that the people of Kashmir have internalized the sacrifices rendered by the martyrs and their memory remains etched in the collective consciousness of this nation and no amount of force can alter that.

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